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2018 Middle East Electricity , power lighting exhibition


2018 Middle East Electricity 、 power、 lighting exhibition


March 6-8 ,2018 .our company Wuhan Feite Electric Co.,Ltd was invited to enter 2018 Middle East Electricity exhibition by united Arab Emirates ministry of energy inudstry .  every year ,The exhibition was held in the united Arab emirates Dubai international Exhibition Center ,during that time , the lighting and simultaneous energy exhibition also be showed . the electricit show included power station equipment , substation equipment , power transmission equipment , high and low voltage electrical switches , power distribution equipment  electronic control devices ,cable wire material,cable control equipment .etc .




Dubai is the second largest emirate in the united Arab emirates, its economic strength is also the largest in the world  by far ,The Dubai chief has taken many preferential policies to attract more foreign investors. according to the united Arab emirates Power industry report, the electricity demand grew by 11% to 18% in Dubai . the reason for the increased power demand is its economic and population growth and a large number of tourists .thus dubai had become  a very potential market for  many enterprises from all over the world .it attacted  exhibitors and visitors from China, India, Turkey, Germany, the United States  Argentina, Qatar, united Arab emirates (UAE),Iran , Pakistan and so on .




The promotion and development of domestic and overseas market has been very seriously valued by our company  all the time , the salesmen are encouraged face to face communicated with customers deeply and known about market demand . basically our company enters into important exhibitions at home and abroad , so our product brand and popularity are approved by the peers and clients , its reasons are related to our development of an increasingly large scale and high the same time ,The local government is also very optimistic about the development of our foreign market and gives great support to our company's annual foreign market exhibition.





During the exhibition in Dubai , our company once again attracted a lot of old and new customers, the old customers can communicate with our company deeply during the show . they can know the detail about our product through the samples which are carried by us . and a lot lof new customers came here because of our company famous .  although some of the product from their companys  are different from ours , the customers also are very interested  in our products and it may be our potential customer group in the future . a lof of chinese peers come here for communicating  .we can learn and know about  each other . the market competition is cruel and fierce , we need to improve ourselves in many aspects in future . we have great confidence in our company Wuhan Feite Electric Co.,Ltd  steady development and our future will be  more brilliant .

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