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Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd participated the ELECRAMA 2018 in India



Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd participated the ELECRAMA 2018 in India
















Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd participated the ELECRAMA 2018 which was held on March 10th~14th, 2018 at Greater Noida, Delhi, India.


Elecrama was started in 1992 and has 26 years history until now. It is the largest scale electric and industrial expo and it is the right expo for one who wants to penetrate into India electric and electricity market.


We had participated the expo before and after research and study about the markets, we are quite ready for it. This time we are newly showed our company strength to India and even whole Asia and south Asia areas customers.We enlarged and fabricated our show booth and professionally showed the products that specially designed for the markets,also showed the soldering material which independently researched by our company and other components as well as the cast poles and production processes etc.



Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd has diversity products which can fulfill different switch gears for different counties. During the show, Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd company’s products attracted  African, South Asia, Middle East,Europe, East Asia, and other areas’ customers. We had deep communication with old and new customers and get good results. There is Europe customer now is going to have further discussion with us about new tests for our products- vacuum interrupter.Also India local vacuum interrupter manufacturer shows there interests about our brazing materials and hope we can be their components supplier.



Through the professional expo, Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd is well showed its’ company strength, profession and diversity products to its customers and its same occupations.It is formed a firm foundation for Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd to promote its products and brand in overseas markets. Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd is on the way, no matter what is there in the future.


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