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Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. participated in IEEE PES T&D



Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. participated in IEEE PES T&D 


Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. participated in the American international transmission and distribution equipment and technology exhibition held at the International Exhibition Center of Colorado Convention Center (Halls A-F) in Denver, United States, on 04 to 19, 2018.



The IEEE PES T&D was founded in 1964 for every two years, sponsored by the American Institute of electrical and electronic engineers. The exhibition has been developing rapidly for more than 50 years. Now it is the largest exhibition, the fastest growing and the most professional audience in the world's transmission and distribution industry. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the American market, the Mexico market and the Canadian market, attracting 750 exhibitors from more than 20 countries, with the number of businessmen reaching 25000.



Since 2016, we have actively participated in every IEEE PES T&D. In this exhibition, we have reaped a large number of new customer resources. During the exhibition, many customers came to our booth to negotiate price of the product and samples issues, as well as the details of cooperation, and made clear intention of the purchase. In addition, many old customers have further understood the good development of our company through the exhibition, and have a deeper understanding of the overall strength of our company and laid a more solid foundation for the follow-up of friendly cooperation.




Our company attaches great importance to export projects and focuses on the international market. This is a good opportunity for us to enter the American market. Our company will continue to uphold the company's business philosophy and push our products of the high quality and competitive price to the world.


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