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No pain no gain.Warm congratulations to Wuhan Feite sale elites for getting the car reward 2022/1/6
Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Invisible Champion Small Giant Science and Technology Enterprise in Pillar Industry Segment of Hubei Province" 2021/8/13
Good news! Feite sales elites get the car reward 2019/1/12
Our company attended 2018 Electrical Networks Of Russia Fair 2018/12/31
Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. participated in IEEE PES T&D 2018/4/27
Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd participated the ELECRAMA 2018 in India 2018/4/6
Feite brand ZW31 ZKTD630/12-20 vacuum interrrupters that were equipped with the box-type fixed inflatable AC metal closed switch SF6-12 /T630-20passed the short-circuit breaking test in Dongguan guangan electric testing center. 2018/3/27
Feite internation exhibition information list in March,welcome to visit us! 2018/3/5
Congratulations to wuhan feite electric co., LTD who is awarded the "new private economic innovation enterprise" 2018/2/7
Feite is my milestone 2018/1/24
Our company attended Moscow fair of electrical networks of Russia 2018/1/8
Past with the future,Accelerate development, Create refulgence again 2018/1/2
The Story Of Me And “Feite” 2017/12/20
Feite accompanies me to grow up 2017/11/28
Feite and me grow up together 2017/11/20
My job 2017/10/31
Thanksgiving to “Feite” 2017/10/17
Congratulations on Wuhan feite group bidding with takeover one State-owned Key Enterprises successfully---A controlling subsidiary company of China railway construction corporation 2017/10/12
Growing up with Feite regardless of hardship 2017/9/12
Good news: our company was awarded 6 patents of utility model 2017/8/30
Feite's humanized management philosophy and soaring 2017/8/29
Notification 2017/8/28
Congrats for wuhan feite brand VEP1250/12-31.5 embedded poles with feite brand vacuum interrupters pass the capacitor banks switching tests 2017/8/26
We take part in the international electricity exhibition held in Sao Paulo, Brazi from July 25th to 28th of 2017 2017/8/9
Our company has obtained the High-tech Enterprise Certificate for the third time 2017/5/12
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